Who am I?

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My name is Sean and I am the creator of this site! I made this site for people who wanted to find some of the best philosophy and inspirational quotes. 

I had been first introduced to philosophy and spirituality after my stroke 3 years ago. I spent a lot of time in the hospital questioning everything that happened to me and I got no answers.

But, there was one night where I was going through YouTube when I discovered a powerful video from Alan Watts called, The Dream of Life. That video was so powerful and made me start questioning things that I never asked to question before!

I needed to know more!

I started listening to more lectures from Alan Watts and because of that, I would branch out to philosophers like Nietzsche, Buddha, Voltaire, Camus, and Plato. The more I would read, the more I realized that we have little to no control of our life. I would ‘let go’ of my past because it was dead. I gave up worrying about the future because that will never exist.

The only thing that is real is the eternal here and now and that was good enough for me…

Why am I here?

Because of my stroke and my experience with questioning everything, I feel that I’m obligated to share that with others who may need help understand the universe, themselves, and everything between. The quotes that I put on this website have affected me emotionally, mentally, and helped me understand myself and the others around us.

What’s all the sense about?

I encourage you to share these quotes, question them, understand them, and know that you are not the only one who needs more understanding of our life and the universe between us.

I will try to post weekly, but I do post DAILY on Facebook and Pinterest, so make sure you follow and ‘like’ our page!

Sean Gagne


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